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(Computer Science) a small recordable compact disc


® minidisc [ˈmɪnɪdɪsk]
A. N (= system, disc) → MiniDisc ® m, minidisc m
B. CPD MiniDisc > player® N(reproductor m) MiniDisc ® m or minidisc m


[ˈmɪnidɪsk] nminidisc m, minidisque m
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As for the samples from the archive, these were obtained using either a Sony TC-D5M with a Radio Shack 33-3001 unidirectional dynamic microphone, or a Sony minidisk recorder, MDR-70, with a Sony ECM-MS907 stereo microphone (Weinberger, 2014).
Dienes, 2010 Newspapers, magazines, books, print and paper-based home and office documents, mail, records, cinematographic roll and films, records, magnetic tapes, cassettes, hard disk drives, floppy disks, optical disks, semiconductor memory Hilbert & Hard disk, DVD Blue-ray, digital tape, CD & Lopez, 2011 minidisk, portable disks, memory cards, mobile phones, PDAs, videogames, others, floppy disks, digital cameras and camcorders internal chip cards video analogs print photos audiocassettes photo negatives, Cine films, vinyl LPs, TV episodes on film, X-ray films, TM film, newsprint, other paper and print, books Most HMI studies ignore human consumable information services like public education.
Jupiter's gravity would have created a perturbation-driven snowplow, piling all the rocky planetesimals into a minidisk with an outer edge at 1 a.
The CD was tussling with the horrifically underappreciated minidisk for the format-of-thefuture, John Major was PM, a fledgling internet startup called ebay was established, and UU were busy running about Hellraiser raves in blue Patrick Ewing basketball boots, green jeans and Naf Naf jackets.
Peshawar, June 30 (ANI): With a minidisk recorder in her hand, Asma rushes around in a small Peshawar studio, trying to finish editing a radio news bulletin so that she can make it back to her home before dark.
It was recorded on Thom's minidisk player at a battered old piano in his house - you can hear his girlfriend washing up in the background, it's a stupidly beautiful song.
I adored him and bought anything he wanted - state-of-the-art speakers, a minidisk player, backing tracks, amps and lights.
For the purpose of this study, when music technology or digital technology is referred to, it includes such technology as: computers, the Internet, synthesisers, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), drum machines, sound modules, MP3 players and minidisk players.
Publishers can "push" offline publications (on portable formats such as floppy disc, minidisk, CDROM, DVD, or hard drive) mostly through the post, and online publications through email or an electronic drop box, to the library, although the deposit of online publications is not required by legislation.
En muchos materiales de informacion musical se hace referencia a la musica de la zona de estudio, con referencia regional e incluso nacional, ya que la expresion musical se comparte, yendo desde lo cotidiano hasta ceremonias y festejos; asi como en las grabaciones (algunos comprados en la misma zona), de audio, audio-video, minidisk, y fotografias y platicas con la gente.
Sending an investigative unit with a hidden minidisk recorder to the northern province of Takhar - where Afghanistan's medium and low-grade heroin is trafficked into Tajikistan, and on toward Europe - the Monitor recorded four police commanders.