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(Computer Science) a small recordable compact disc


® minidisc [ˈmɪnɪdɪsk]
A. N (= system, disc) → MiniDisc ® m, minidisc m
B. CPD MiniDisc > player® N(reproductor m) MiniDisc ® m or minidisc m


[ˈmɪnidɪsk] nminidisc m, minidisque m
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The CD was tussling with the horrifically underappreciated minidisk for the format-of-thefuture, John Major was PM, a fledgling internet startup called ebay was established, and UU were busy running about Hellraiser raves in blue Patrick Ewing basketball boots, green jeans and Naf Naf jackets.
Peshawar, June 30 (ANI): With a minidisk recorder in her hand, Asma rushes around in a small Peshawar studio, trying to finish editing a radio news bulletin so that she can make it back to her home before dark.
It was recorded on Thom's minidisk player at a battered old piano in his house - you can hear his girlfriend washing up in the background, it's a stupidly beautiful song.
I adored him and bought anything he wanted - state-of-the-art speakers, a minidisk player, backing tracks, amps and lights.
Publishers can "push" offline publications (on portable formats such as floppy disc, minidisk, CDROM, DVD, or hard drive) mostly through the post, and online publications through email or an electronic drop box, to the library, although the deposit of online publications is not required by legislation.
Sending an investigative unit with a hidden minidisk recorder to the northern province of Takhar - where Afghanistan's medium and low-grade heroin is trafficked into Tajikistan, and on toward Europe - the Monitor recorded four police commanders.
Shipments of audio equipment such as minidisk and CD players and radio-cassette recorders rose 9.
Artists should submit a demo of three original tracks (no more than six minutes each) on minidisk, digital cassette (DAT) or CD.
The winner received the Staying Alive Award (a glass plaque) and a SONY minidisk.
Sony advanced 130 yen to 3,930 yen, also helped by its plan to release four models of audio devices in Japan in June that support its new minidisk format Hi-MD, which has a storage capacity of up to 45 hours of music.
Sony had led the market in computers which can be linked to acoustic instruments, enabling users to listen to music transferred from them to minidisk players, but its rivals have begun doing the same.