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1. tailings Refuse or dross remaining after ore has been processed.
2. Architecture The portion of a tailed beam, brick, or board inside a wall.


pl n
waste left over after certain processes, such as from an ore-crushing plant or in milling grain
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Contract notice: Machinery for mining tailings figaredo.
31, made seven recommendations including getting rid of water in mining tailings, to create more stable dry stacks.
The process has been tested on more than 30 samples from five continents, consisting of more than a dozen different geological ore types, utilizing raw head ore as well as post-processed mining tailings.
Among the topics are aspects to consider when selecting a method for assessing chemical risk as seen in the case of occupational formaldehyde exposure, factors controlling the release of arsenic from mining tailings, controlling groundwater pollution from petroleum product leaks, a new isolation method of desiccation tolerant microorganisms for bioremediating arid and semiarid soils, adapting bacterial biotests for monitoring mycotoxins, and high-throughput analysis of multiple stress pathways using green fluorescent protein reporters in the nematode Caenothabditis elegans.
Additionally, Catalyx is marketing the TWO Systems for recycling waste from carpet mills, textile mills, tanneries, mining tailings, oilfield drilling fluids, and concentrating livestock wash water to enhance biogas production.

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