Minnie Mouse

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Noun1.Minnie Mouse - the partner of Mickey Mouse
Minnie Maus
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But she looked more like Minnie Mouse when she stepped out in this wacky headband during a trip to the races in Australia this week.
She is daft about Minnie Mouse, so we plan to do everything to make that dream come true.
I am going to do the 26 miles again this year dressed as Minnie Mouse and will collect again on the way round.
The revamped Minnie Mouse is seen proportioned at 5'11' and a size 0, wearing a hot-pink Lanvin dress.
John Lewis, Fenwick, Early Learning Centre and Marks & Spencer have a great range of Disney outfits for boys and girls of all ages - from the traditional Minnie Mouse costume, to the must-have outfit for boys this autumn - Buzz Lightyear
D20502_2 CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: From left, Josephina Hauler-Davies, 22 months, Karen Hauler-Davies as Minnie Mouse, Jonathan Cowley, seven, Claire Cowley as Mickey Mouse and Amelia Keeling, 10 months.
Mystery in Midair,'' the latest book in the series, finds our hero and Minnie Mouse investigating the disappearance of an airplane carrying a planeload of passengers and a shipment of jewels worth millions of dollars.
Merchandise ranging from apparel to die-cast replica cars will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Big Bad Wolf, and the merchandise will be sold at special Disney-themed stores throughout NASCAR events.
Jessica Smith, Rachel Ebo and Anna Donato dressed as Minnie Mouse, a police woman and an airline stewardess for "The five-year-old me was born to be" day.
A cartoon of Disney icons Mickey and Minnie Mouse clad in Islamic dress has angered Egyptian Muslims.
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Daisy Duck, along with other favourite Disney characters, will come together with world-class magicians live on stage in a performance which promises to excite and delight children of all ages.
Kel, 20, looked more Minnie Mouse than fashion house when she accessorised a pretty Temperley dress with an enormous black wig and bow.