Minute glass

a glass measuring a minute or minutes by the running of sand.

See also: Minute

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The fabric incorporates reflective material made of minute glass beads, with a laser engraving technique used to superimpose designs on a matt background, so that what you see is constantly changing depending on the angle of view and ambient light.
They describe glass as a material, including its physico-chemical properties, raw materials, methods, physical processes, and materials for providing colors and tints, and how the composition of European glass has evolved; mass spectrometric methods for provenancing studies; and methods for determining the elemental composition and other properties of glass samples using energetic electromagnetic radiation, including X-rays for elemental glass analysis at the major to trace level, for speciation, and for 3D imaging, methods that use synchrotron radiation, forms of electron microscopy, analyzing minute glass fragments or entire vessels using ion beam methods, and instrumental neutron activation analysis.
Working with the minute glass beads needs skill and patience," she explains.
Her husband, 52, said: "My wife saw one lift their hand and the next minute glass just exploded all over me.
BENTONITE IS A ROCK composed of clay minerals formed by the alteration of minute glass particles that once were volcanic ash.
Why not try mixing up-to-the minute glass and perspex furniture with beautiful crystal lamps and chandeliers?
Why not try mixing uptothe minute glass and perspex furniture with beautiful crystal lamps and chandeliers?
In theory these should not, however, apply to MB-Microtech's product since the Swiss manufacturer encapsulates the tritium in minute glass or sapphire cells that preclude any contamination whatsoever.
Though not as ambitious as the 1995 Melan Collie (although the ten minute Glass and The Ghost Children comes close) it neverthless marks a return to the big choruses and stadium rock scale tunes of yore, with distant echoes of New Order, U2 and kindred spirits The Cure.
We can expect industrial applications in the future, such as in cancer treatment to irradiate minute glass particles and inject them into a patient.