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 (mîr′ə-bō′, mē-rä-bō′), Comte de Title of Honoré Gabriel Riqueti. 1749-1791.
French revolutionist. As a member of the States-General (1789-1791) he attempted to create a constitutional monarchy.


(French mirabo)
(Biography) Comte de, title of Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti. 1749–91, French Revolutionary politician


(ˈmɪr əˌboʊ)

Honoré Gabriel Victor Riqueti, Count de, 1749–91, French Revolutionary statesman and orator.
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Noun1.Mirabeau - French revolutionary who was prominent in the early days of the French Revolution (1749-1791)Mirabeau - French revolutionary who was prominent in the early days of the French Revolution (1749-1791)
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Deeds of violence, brutalities, contusions, fractures; this is the work of the revolutions from Luther to Mirabeau.
It is said that Mirabeau took to highway robbery "to ascertain what degree of resolution was necessary in order to place one's self in formal opposition to the most sacred laws of society.
It has been complained of our brilliant English historian of the French Revolution that when he has told all his facts about Mirabeau, they do not justify his estimate of his genius.
There comes a Mirabeau or a Danton, a Robespierre or a Napoleon, or proconsuls, or an emperor, and there is an end of deliberations and debates.
Address : 223, Avenue Franois Mitterrand Bp 28 13758 Les Pennes Mirabeau Cedex
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Jose Ortega y Gasset fue a buscar en Mirabeau el retrato de su opuesto.
There are three ways to make rose, and by far the most common is by the juice having contact with the Mirabeau |perfect for skin.