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n.1.Wrong adjustment; unsuitable arrangement.
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It was identified a bias current which reflect a misadjustment of the servo-valve.
Variable step size adaptive schemes offer a possible solution allowing achieving both fast initial convergence and low steady state misadjustment [3-7].
Misadjustment in the cistern (fashionably hidden behind the wall, naturally) causing an overflow back into the toilet.
Generally, a large convergence factor or parameter step-size leads to faster convergence but result in large misadjustment [3].
The slim textbook develops the matrix for the reflection at a spherical mirror, analyzes the sensitivity of an optical system to misadjustment, considers the effect of a rotation about the optical axis in an anamorphic system, and presents design approaches for several triplet systems.
The sealed print head on the Linx 4900 protects critical components from risk of damage or misadjustment that could affect print quality.
Rather, he refers to a further fictionalizing act of mind that follows the passive moment of imagination, a supplementary act of "interpretation" that implicitly translates to a new dimension the misadjustment of mind and world in which the dance of images is born.
According to Aoki's definition, a misadjustment path of exchange rate possesses two features: (i) impact adjustment and long-run adjustment of exchange rate are in opposite direction; (ii) the response of exchange rate during some beginning periods moves further away from its eventual new equilibrium value.
As little as a 10% misadjustment of the blast pattern can result in a 25% reduction in blast efficiency.
Human Error: A fair number of basic events likely will be human errors, such as forgetting something, misadjustments or failure to follow procedure (assuming one exists).
Adjusting two behaviors by adding a random effects variable that corrects all the misadjustments is far too general.
The upshot of this concern is an attempt by mortgage servicers to determine the best way to audit their ARM portfolios so they may uncover these troublesome misadjustments.