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n. pl. Miskito or Mis·ki·tos
1. A member of an American Indian people inhabiting the Caribbean coast of northeast Nicaragua and southeast Honduras.
2. The Misumalpan language of the Miskito. In both senses also called Mosquito.

[Spanish misquito, from Miskito Miskitu, ethnic self-designation.]


or Mís•ki•to

(məˈski toʊ)

n., pl. -tos, (esp. collectively) -to.
1. a member of an American Indian people of NE Nicaragua and adjacent areas of Honduras.
2. the language of the Miskito.
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Arguably the darkest chapter in their shared history were the events of December 1981-January 1982, when Sandinistas--in response to a contra operation dubbed Navidad roja (red Christmas) --are believed to have killed numerous Miskito Indians near the Honduran border and forced thousands into refugee camps (NotiCen, May 17, 2012).
Along the Atlantic seaboard, the Miskito Indians, who had regional autonomy until 1984 and have ever since resisted central jurisdiction, increased their resistance to the Sandinista regime.
Unique in its coverage of the Spanish period of Belize's history, this book focuses on the alliance between British timber cutters and the Miskito Indians as they fought together against the Spanish during the Spanish period of Belize, 1528-1708.
In reality, the contribution (so to speak) of the Sandinistas was so noticeable in the area of land distribution (just to select one example among many) that even the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights denounced the forcible relocation and sheer deprivation of Miskito Indians at the hand of the Sandinistas.
Although the Miskito Indians had used Ojon oil for centuries to condition and protect their hair and skin, it had never been exported.
US, Honduran and Nicaraguan soldiers searched remote jungle beaches and the open sea for survivors and bodies after Hurricane Felix claimed at least 98 lives, many of them Miskito Indians who died fleeing the Category 5 storm.
Helicopters clattered overhead and Miskito Indians paddled canoes through a debris-littered sea in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, yesterday, searching desperately for survivors of Hurricane Felix.
The Sandinista government will hand out seeds, farm animals and tools to fight hunger the along the Caribbean coast, including among Miskito Indians who fought the leftists' first government in the 1980s, reports Reuters (April 2, 2007).
Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is an updated version of a traditional hair treatment developed more than 500 years ago by the Miskito Indians.
Wiesel has dedicated his life to ensuring that the world never forgets the Holocaust-and to championing the cause of the downtrodden everywhere, from Nicaragua's Miskito Indians to the victims of famine and genocide in Africa.
Most of the harvesting is done along the impoverished eastern coast where thousands of Miskito Indians make their living on the water.
These are the people whose "victimhood" is honored by the powers that be--Soviet Jews, Miskito Indians in Nicaragua, etc.