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n. pl. Miskito or Mis·ki·tos
1. A member of an American Indian people inhabiting the Caribbean coast of northeast Nicaragua and southeast Honduras.
2. The Misumalpan language of the Miskito. In both senses also called Mosquito.

[Spanish misquito, from Miskito Miskitu, ethnic self-designation.]


or Mís•ki•to

(məˈski toʊ)

n., pl. -tos, (esp. collectively) -to.
1. a member of an American Indian people of NE Nicaragua and adjacent areas of Honduras.
2. the language of the Miskito.
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Four examples of this phenomenon of symbiotic imperialisms are the Miskito Kingdom (1850), Yucatan (1901), Kuna Indians (1925), and Guatemala (1953-present).
In this space there developed communities unique to the region; the Miskito Kingdom under British protection on the mainland and Islanders in the Archipelago, not under British protection but largely untroubled by the mainland Colombian authorities.
To consolidate their control over the region, the British created a Miskito kingdom.