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We've got to drive five miles across Missel Moor before we get to the Manor.
Marasca FA, Alves GR, Pires RC, Dallasta TC, de Andrade Silva RV, Missel Correa JR.
This information was used to reflect plaque vulnerability by calculating the ratio of necrotic core to dense calcium (NC/DC) as established by Missel et al.
The Wade Hopping Memorial Scholarship went to Andrew Missel.
Dans les enluminures, l'absence du cadre de l'action peut egalement etre observee : ainsi seul le fond d'or domine dans ce missel date de la fin du XIVe siecle (voir Fig.
It really is almost a poetic ending to the remarkable story of their lives," said St Bonaventure spokesman Tom Missel.
Seuls les plus avances sont capables de pratiquer l'oraison mentale; la majorite des fideles francais se contente de reciter le chapelet, priere plus accessible que Francois de Sales recommande a tous ceux qui ne sont pas capables de lire un missel ou de suivre la messe en latin (27).
9), porte sur la premiere page une inscription manuscrite instructive quant au proprietaire de ce missel : << Coeur des carmes Billettes ad usum fratris Hieronymi a Sta Anna David, Carmelitae, anno 1711 >>.
IT was recently mentioned on TV by Andrew Missel of Charity Alcohol Concern that the charity are seeking for powers to be transferred from London to the Welsh Assembly Government for alcohol licensing with the aim of increasing the prices of alcohol at supermarkets hoping that, by doing so, to cut down on teenage drinking.
58) Moreover, the executioner of Hans Missel in 1571 said that "this man is more devout than any of us" and urged him to recant in order to save his life.
108 of Dom Gaspar Lefebvre's Missel vesperal romain (quotidien) (Lophem lez Bruges: Abbaye de St Andre, 1923) reads, "Je vous rends grace, Pere Tout-Puissant, Dieu eternel .
The melted water is still very cold--about 32 to 34 degrees," Missel said.