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The investigation uncovered that Crouch Commodities Limited participated in missing trader fraud.
When the tax authorities come to claim the VAT, the company that has taken it has vanished - which is why this is known as missing trader fraud.
Chohan is wanted after failing to appear in court for his part in an estimated PS200 million missing trader fraud.
Entrepreneur Raj Kundra's debut thriller builds its story around the Missing trader fraud that European traders used to exploit European tax norms in 2000.
Euan Stewart, of the HMRC's criminal investigations department, said: "Tackling missing trader fraud is HMRC's top priority.
The scam ( also known as missing trader fraud ( cost the Treasury up to pounds 3bn in 2005/06 and is estimated to be worth pounds 170bn annually across the EU as a whole.
Missing trader fraud involves high-value goods which are imported from another EU country VAT-free.
More than 70 businesses and homes in the UK and Spain were raided in connection with so called missing trader fraud,estimated at pounds 120m.
Missing trader fraud is where VAT registration is obtained to acquire goods VAT-free from other EU member states.
Like most cases of Missing Trader fraud it involves mobile phones and a series of bogus trades between sham companies.
In the only case of its kind, Dosanjh and the rest of the gang stole around Au38 million through a complex missing trader fraud in a six month period starting in January 2009.
MISSING trader fraud, also called carousel fraud, is the theft of VAT from a Government by organised crime gangs who exploit the way VAT is treated within multi-jurisdictional trading where the movement of goods between jurisdictions is VAT-free.