Mission school

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A school connected with a mission and conducted by missionaries
A school for the religious instruction of children not having regular church privileges.

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Tenders are invited for construction of pcc road and culvert from mission school gate to main road in ward 05
Maun secondary is a mission school led by the UCCSA church in Botswana and the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and with that people expect the facility to display high moral standard and perform exceptionally well as there were pastors within the school who conduct services for students.
Nigel Temple wants to know more about Lingards Mission School which is now known as Lingards Mission Church on the border of Slaithwaite and Marsden and currently being renovated as a house.
She was matron of the Scottish Mission school in the city in the 1930s and 40s and refused to return home as World War II began, saying the children needed her in the "days of darkness".
He completed his early education in a Christian mission school and later Sanathan Dharam High School in Bombay.
The use of research and scholarly work is recognized as a valid method towards healing from the mission school traumas that were experienced by Mother and by her offspring (even thought they did not attend Mission School).
After the war, Stefani taught at a new mission school in Gikondi, Kenya.
In the class XII results, the top rank was secured by Arkya Chatterjee from Vivekanand Mission School, Kolkata, who scored 99.
In January 1850 they began their first mission school, which was the first English-speaking school in the Punjab and the first north of Delhi to offer modern, Western-style education.
After getting a teacher's certificate, he returned to China in 1921 to become the principal of the mission school in Fracheng, his birthplace.
As he was recognized as a talented student, he was asked to stay on at the Jaffna Wesleyan Mission School to teach English and Tamil.
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