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a.1.(Mus.) Measured; - a direction to perform a passage in strict or measured time.
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To Implement a Strategic transit trade project, which includes a cargo terminal linking the free zone parts of Misrata (A and B to the coastal highway, International airport and completing the infrastructure of the site (B) of Misurata Free Zone.
Ahmed Qaddaf al-Dam in an interview with Ahmed Mousa -- December 2017 / Screenshot CAIRO -- 14 December 2017: Former Libyan President Muammar al-Gaddafi's cousin Qaddaf al-Dam said Wednesday that suspicious meetings are still being held in Doha and Misurata, Libya.
In Surt, militias from the western city of Misurata that are leading the fight have said in recent weeks that they are close to expelling the Islamic State from the city.
Tripoli'Speculations about Italian military intervention in Libya and official Italian denials have now come to an end as the government is about to announce that it is to send 200 soldiers to be stationed in Misurata along with a military hospital staffed by about 100 doctors and nurses.
The troop took them to an unknown location near Misurata and Bani Walid, he added.
In co-operation with local partners, the first two phases have distributed 8,000 food packages (one per family) to 48,000 people in cities and districts, such as Misurata, Zawiya, Jufra, Bani Walid, Sabratha, and Wadi Al-Shatii.
Milan, Jumada II 28, 1436, Apr 17, 2015, SPA -- A Sicilian fishing cooperative says a boat with seven crew members has been taken by armed men 40 miles (65 kilometers) off Libya, and was being brought to the Libyan port of Misurata.
Chiheb Ben Ahmed, Minister of Transport, has denied reports by Libyan media on the upcoming launch of regular flights between Tunis-Carthage and the Misurata airport via Zuwarah (Libya).
A few minutes ago, Turkey's Misurata consulate officials left to take the released citizens to the consulate.
In the document, Al Emadi stresses that all volunteers have already received training -- military combat, handling of heavy weapons aACAo in the camps of Zintan, Benghazi, Zawiya and Misurata in Libya.
War photographer Guy Martin who survived a bomb blast in Libya Mourners gather for the funeral of a fallen rebel fighter in Misurata, another image taken by Guy This picture taken by Guy Martin shows a rebel fighter in action in the back streets of Misurata, Libya
Summary: A number of media staff in different newspapers, audio and visual news agencies in Misurata city joined training courses in supporting the election of the National Congress from the media perspective.