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n.1.(Min.) An impure yellow sulphate of iron; yellow copperas or copiapite.
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At its regional banking event titled "The Digital Frontier: Banking Redefined" held in Dubai during November 2015, the Misys Connect Forum gathered its top global team and over 100 customers and industry delegates for a two-day conference with the aim of networking with its clients and connecting them with each other for the airing and sharing of business process concerns and experience with Misys solutions.
Over several presentations, panels and breakout streams, the message from the Misys team was of the awareness gained through anecdotal accounts from clients as well as surveys that revealed a heavy need for customer service and satisfaction as the topmost requirement from any vendor, over brand and delivery time.
The emphasis from Misys this year was to provide a 'frictionless' approach to client management and delivery, a buzz word that was repeated over many discussions.