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 (mĭth′rəs) or Mith·ra (-rə)
n. Mythology
The ancient Persian god of light and guardian against evil, often identified with the sun.

[Greek Mithrās, from Avestan and Old Persian Mithra-; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmɪθræs) or


(Non-European Myth & Legend) Persian myth the god of light, identified with the sun, who slew a primordial bull and fertilized the world with its blood


(ˈmɪθ ræs)

also Mith•ra


the ancient Persian god of light and truth, later of the sun.
[< Latin < Greek Míthrās < Iranian]
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Noun1.Mithras - ancient Persian god of light and truthMithras - ancient Persian god of light and truth; sun god


[ˈmɪθræs] NMitra
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The area is home to the ruins of the historic Roman Temple of Mithras, and layers of history have been revealed throughout the construction with archaeologists from the Museum of London uncovering more than 30 Roman tablets.
The Mandaens are the last remnants of the Babylonian empire despite their reverence for the distinctly more modern John the Baptist, the Druze are seen as the descendants of Pythagarous, the Yazidi are linked with the sun-worshipping cult of Mithras who brought the hand-shake to the Roman Empire, the Zoroastrian ideas about the struggle between good and evil is shown as the originators of what we would call Heaven and Hell.
Nope, this was Mithras, the Persian Sun God adopted by the Roman empire centuries before the arrival of Christ.
Mithras (Mithra--Sun), who created the first gods Ormazd, the Symptoms related to worship and believe in the Shahnameh stories and iconic in some Some of the characters as seen on Android R.
The club encourage fans to use the Park & Ride services located at three different locations; Mill Road (BN1 8ZF), Brighton Racecourse (BN2 9XZ) and Mithras House at Brighton University (BN2 4AT).
After Lucius eats the therapeutic roses and is restored to human form, the high priest Mithras declares that Lucius "is delivered from his .
The stone relief of the Roman god Mithras was found at Housesteads Roman fort in Northumberland in the 19th Century.
ON what is now our Christmas Day, troops on Hadrian's Wall 1,800 years ago were celebrating the birthday of the god Mithras.
Second, what the Renaissance allegorist sought to glimpse were the same mysteries that inspired the hierophants of the later Roman empire, when worship of Isis or Mithras or Orpheus was conducted in controlled rituals in which the votary acted out the psychological experience of dying to experience truth.
Archaeologists from the University of Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain) have conducted a detailed analysis of the structure and now suggest that it may originally not have been used for burials but for worshipping the God Mithras.
The site, which was once home to the Roman Temple of Mithras and situated on the lost Walbrook stream, is to be the new headquarters of Bloomberg | WEDNESDAY APRIL 10: Survivors search the rubble, a day after an earthquake, at the city of Shonbeh, southern Iran.