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 (mĭth′rəs) or Mith·ra (-rə)
n. Mythology
The ancient Persian god of light and guardian against evil, often identified with the sun.

[Greek Mithrās, from Avestan and Old Persian Mithra-; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmɪθræs) or


(Non-European Myth & Legend) Persian myth the god of light, identified with the sun, who slew a primordial bull and fertilized the world with its blood


(ˈmɪθ ræs)

also Mith•ra


the ancient Persian god of light and truth, later of the sun.
[< Latin < Greek Míthrās < Iranian]
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Noun1.Mithras - ancient Persian god of light and truthMithras - ancient Persian god of light and truth; sun god


[ˈmɪθræs] NMitra
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These include the handheld Mithras, with ranges of 300, 600 and 1,000 metres, with versions available for the visible and infrared sector.
It is, therefore, the perfect setting for the annual Mithras Mardi Gras Queen's Luncheon, an integral part of the Coast's cultural heritage.
The religion focusing on the god Mithras is thought to have originated in the East, probably in Persia.
She said: "This is a once-in-alifetime chance for anyone interested in archaeology to see these two internationally important Roman Mithras collections side by side.
When in 1954 archaeologists, led by M F Grimes, then Director of the Museum of London, uncovered the fragments and foundations of the Temple of Mithras in Walbrook, it was at first hoped that it was an early Christian site.
The third site is at the University of Brighton's Mithras House on the Lewes Road, holding about 300 cars.
According to the scene depicted in Mithras's temples, the god Mithras slaughtered a bull.
I simply placed a circle of pebbles on the carpet and danced naked around them while offering a dead goat to Roman deity Mithras.
Established in 2010 with flagship company of Knox Robinson Publishing in London in 2010, Knox Robinson Holdings is now home to Knox Robinson Publishing (Fiction Books), Mithras Books (Young Adult Books), Under the Maple Tree Books (Children's and Juvenile Books), and Knox Robinson Films (Documentaries).
Which the wicked devils have imitated in the mysteries of Mithras, commanding the same thing to be done .
Particularly disturbing to the early Christian Church Fathers was the religious cult of Mithras (Mithra) which originated in Persia 4,000 years before Christ.
The Mandaens are the last remnants of the Babylonian empire despite their reverence for the distinctly more modern John the Baptist, the Druze are seen as the descendants of Pythagarous, the Yazidi are linked with the sun-worshipping cult of Mithras who brought the hand-shake to the Roman Empire, the Zoroastrian ideas about the struggle between good and evil is shown as the originators of what we would call Heaven and Hell.