mitral valve

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mitral valve

A valve of the heart, composed of two triangular flaps, that is located between the left atrium and left ventricle and regulates blood flow between these chambers. Also called bicuspid valve.

mitral valve

(Anatomy) the valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart, consisting of two membranous flaps, that prevents regurgitation of blood into the atrium. Also called: bicuspid valve

mi′tral valve`

the valve between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart, consisting of two triangular flaps of tissue, that prevents blood from flowing back into the atrium when the ventricle contracts. Also called bicuspid valve. Compare tricuspid valve.
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Noun1.mitral valve - valve with two cuspsmitral valve - valve with two cusps; situated between the left atrium and the left ventricle
atrioventricular valve - either of two heart valves through which blood flows from the atria to the ventricles; prevents return of blood to the atrium

mi·tral valve

n. válvula mitral, válvula aurículoventricular izquierda del corazón.
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I have grave doubts as to my mitral valve, if you would be so very good.
0, On-X mechanical mitral valves, Chord-X Mitral Valve Chordal Repair System, Chord- X ePTFE Suture for chordal replacement and CarbonAid and CarbonMini to prevent air embolism during open-heart surgery.
Kolkata: In a first of its kind surgery in the city, doctors at Eastern Railway's BR Singh Hospital have successfully replaced the Mitral valves of two patients without stopping their hearts.
The chordae tendineae was measured from tip of papillary muscles to the edges of the cusp in cadaveric human hearts (Figure 1) and compared with that of autopsied heart specimen's mitral valves.
Valvular lesions are seen as calcifications of aortic and mitral valves and these are mainly reported in patients with D409H homozygosity (1).
During a mean follow up of 64 months, 24 patients with prolapsing mitral valves developed nonsustained ventricular tachycardia.
Their theory that myxomatous changes in the skin could predict severe MVP is based on multiple studies in the scientific literature, starting with a study of 237 MVP patients that linked cases of sudden death to myxomatous degeneration of their mitral valves (N.
It is an abnormality of the mitral valves of the heart in which one or both of the mitral valve flaps close incompletely, often producing either a click or murmur.
In particular, this new codewill reimburse the follow-up treatmentof recurrent mitral regurgitation which statistically occurs in 15-30% of all patients with surgically repaired mitral valves.