Mob law

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law administered by the mob; lynch law.

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Nothing saved Dominicus, either from mob law or a court of justice, but an eloquent appeal made by the young lady in his behalf.
First footage showed Siderov being escorted by police which had cordoned him off, apparently preventing him from the force of mob law as tens of people were trying to reach him, shouting.
But it just goes to prove that mob law and the minorities in this country rule.
He is pandering to the worst case of mob law and should shut up.
But we must also make sure we don't end up with some lynch mob law.
Kelly - quizzed over claims he molested boys in the 1970s - fears he could be targeted by thugs who want to carry out violent mob law.
The CD's subtitle: Jon Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts Consign Songs of Murder, Mob Law & Cruel, Cruel Punishment to the Realm of Myth, Memory & History.