Mobble, Moble

 moveable goods, property, c. 1300.
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If a Mobble is not properly cared for, it'll get sad.
It's also possible to buy eggs instead of chasing after a Mobble in the real world-saving gas and shoe soles in the process.
You'll never forget the day you captured your first Mobble.
Once a player catches a Mobble, it's no longer available--and other players can't catch it.
Each Mobble has a personal universe, with clothing to match (e.
Mobbles level up--unlocking new content; once a Mobble hits Level 5 ("adopted"), it is happy and will no longer ask players to take care of it.
Available at the App Store and Google Play, the game includes more than 50 different Mobbles found in real locations all over the world.
Mobbles are dynamic rather than static--often changing their positions several times throughout the day.
When Mobbles are happy, they drop Crystals that players can use to buy new stuff.