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 (mō′chā, -chĕ) also Mo·chi·ca (mō-chē′kə)
n. pl. Moche or Mo·ches or Mochica or Mo·chi·cas
1. A pre-Incan civilization that flourished on the northern coast of Peru from about the first to eighth centuries ad, known especially for its pottery vessels modeled into naturalistic human and animal figures.
2. A member of a people sharing the Moche culture.
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TAP) - Archaeologists have discovered two chambers used for political ceremonies on Peru's desert coast more than 1,500 years ago that had previously only been glimpsed in the illustrations of the ancient Moche people, an archaeologist said on Monday.
The Moche, one of several complex societies that thrived in Peru long before the rise of the Incan empire, ruled over a vast swath of coastal desert from 100 to 700 AD, thanks to irrigation canals they built to grow crops in desert valleys.
Golden Kingdoms' seeks to understand which materials were considered most precious to the Moche, the Incas, the Maya, the Aztecs, and other ancient American cultures, and how and why certain materials were selected and transformed into some of the ancient world's most spectacular works of art.
Na figura 3, observa-se uma cena de uma manifestacao sexual funeraria da Cultura Moche do Peru, num primeiro plano, envolve animais, celebracoes, relacoes sexuais e um individuo que e inumado.
One must remember that the moche or a similar infraction is a crime, equivalent of taking a bribe," Alberto Carbot wrote in the western regional news wire Quadratin.
Alors que les rumeurs de retraite bruissaient depuis l'annonce de sa conference de presse, elle y a repondu en maitresse du glamour dans le monde du tennis : [beaucoup moins que] Si jamais j'annoncais ma retraite, ce ne serait probablement pas dans cet hotel du centre de Los Angeles qui a cette moquette plutot moche.
Among the topics are new perspectives on the collapse and regeneration of the Han Dynasty, a historical processual approach to continuity and change in classic and post-classic Yucatan, the decline and reorganization of southwestern US complexity: using resilience theory to examine the collapse of Chaco Canyon, political economy and craft production before and after the collapse of Mississippian chiefdoms, and continuity and change following the Moche collapse in Peru's Jequetepeque Valley.
Il a fait cette promesse cette semaine lors d'une reunion avec le rabbin Moche Lewin, qui se trouvait en Tunisie en tant que delegue de la Conference europeenne des rabbins, selon le site JTA (Global jewish news source), citant un communique publie jeudi par la Conference europeenne des rabbins.
The Moche were a coastal society located in northern Peru dating from about 100 to about 800 AD.
of earlier civilizations such as the Olmec, the Toltec, the Moche, and more.
La cultura Moche o Mochica se desarrollo en la costa norte del Peru entre los siglos I y IX de nuestra era.