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a.1.Such as can be mocked.
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Although the impetus for the drawings may in part have come from Guston's friend Philip Roth's satirical novel Our Gang (1971) and though they are, as Dwight Macdonald described the book, "far-fetched, unfair, tasteless, disturbing, logical, coarse and very funny," Guston's depiction of Nixon and his creepy crew--Spiro Agnew, Henry Kissinger (often reduced to little more than a pair of eyeglasses), and Billy Graham (who seems to be carved out of stone, a deathly monument to himself)--goes deeper than Roth's fantastical mockery of the eminently mockable crew.
He's mockable, extraordinarily mockable, hugely mockable.
The harsh sentence imposed on Raid Badawi for mocking the kingdom's infinitely mockable religious establishment has attracted an unusual amount of international attention.
Eminently mockable, no question--but Perlstein's book is full of these vignettes as setups for his punch lines.
Practically everyone who noticed the "too" seemed to consider it just another mockable item on the well-laundered list of ways that older men attempt to colorize their fading virility.
William Hung enjoyed a moment of fame because his inept song-and-dance routine was entertainingly mockable.
Instead of Mahmoud the Mockable, Iran has in an instant bought itself greater credibility and a moment to demonstrate whether real change there is possible.