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n.1.(Zool.) A South American rodent (Cavia rupestris), allied to the Guinea pig, but larger; - called also rock cavy.
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Eco-Hybrid(TM), one MOCO fabric option, is the finest eco-cotton blends available, offering a quality usually found in designer brands but now available for screen printers, embroiderers, fashion retailers and distributors.
In November 1991 MOCO announced three finds in this area.
MoCO 2012 attracted over 500 participants and mobile industry experts.
The new Moco, which is supplied to Nissan by Suzuki Motor Corp.
This is not the first time SmsCoin participates in MoCO business forum, and we are certain that all our expectations will be met.
Nissan has been marketing Suzuki's MR Wagon as its Moco as part of Nissan's minicar lineup.
MOCO blends its output as well as that of West Mubarraz with the production of the first Mubarraz field.
In early November 1991 MOCO announced three "encouraging" discoveries in this area.
8% of Japan's minivehicle market with its first minicar model Moco put on the market Wednesday, Nissan President Carlos Ghosn said.
Moco Investment purchased the location from the Mays five years ago for $425,000.
The name of the Moco, short for ''moko-moko,'' is based on a Japanese phrase which describes a warm feeling and cuteness and represents its roundness and charming style, Nissan said.
API oil in Arab carbonates; and Umm Al Anbar (1982) containing similar oil and developed by MOCO.