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Mon•te•zu•ma II

(ˌmɒn təˈzu mə)

also Moctezuma

c1470–1520, last Aztec emperor of Mexico 1502–20.
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Heineken said that after the sale to Crown under long-term contracts, EMPAQUE will continue to be a supplier to its s beer unit in Mexico, Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma.
It is difficult to see how these measures are going to limit those who earn their living by fleecing thousands of Mexicans who have the illusion of making easy money," columnist Hector Moctezuma wrote in the Mexico City daily newspaper Milenio.
Mexico's antitrust body, the Federal Competition Commission, will rule this week on whether Mexico's two dominant brewers--A-B InBev's Grupo Modelo (58% share), and Heineken's Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma (41% share)--can maintain exclusive beer sales agreements with corner stores and restaurants.
Lucy's eyes, competing and complementary visions of the court of the Great Mogor in India, memory and visuality in early modern West Africa, voicing Moctezuma II's image in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, and understanding visuality.
Moctezuma was the king who received Cortes and the Conquistadores in 1519 and was killed the next year in their custody.
Moctezuma is especially vulnerable to such mythologising, as the epic tale of his downfall at the hands of conquistador Hernan Cortes has been embroidered and embellished since Alexander yon Humboldt and William Prescott made him a household name nearly 200 years ago.
Then we found our way into the Moctezuma exhibition.
The British Museum's current big paid-for exhibition is Moctezuma - Aztec Ruler (pounds 12, till January 24, 2010).
Moctezuma - Aztec Ruler by Colin McEwan and Leonardo Lopez Lujan (British Museum Press, pounds 40.
According to a report in Art Daily, archaeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma said that cult to dual deity Tlaltecuhtli (lord/lady) among Mexica people was restricted to priesthood, as there is no temple known to present devoted exclusively to Tlaltecuhtli.
Aa "No-one has ever looked at Moctezuma as an emperor, we see him as a victim of Cortes but he was a very successful and great emperor too," he told AFP, at a press viewing for the show this week.
Tras derrotar a los incas, Moctezuma hace prisioneros al Inca y a su hija, pero su oposicion a los designios de la usurpadora reina azteca Zempoalla y su general Traxalla, quienes tienen intencion de sacrificarlos a los dioses, hace que el mismo sea convertido en cautivo.