Modeling wax

beeswax melted with a little Venice turpentine, or other resinous material, and tinted with coloring matter, usually red, - used in modeling.

See also: Modeling

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Quotations are invited for Procurement of Dental Material for Dental Care Clinic, Hand held assorted endo preparation NITI files progressive taper, GP Points, Multilayered gold plated diamond points, Modeling wax no.
Materials tested in this fashion include modeling wax, thermoplastic (HEA-500) provided by Education Innovations, and Cerrosafe alloy consisting of 42.
Rather than creating wax-ups by hand using modeling wax, the dental lab technician generates a digital image of the model using a dental scanner and designs the restoration on a PC workstation using computer-aided-design (CAD) software.
On the cast a pattern was prepared in modeling wax.
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