v. t.1.To model.
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the continuity condition has been used to modelize the interface between the lining and the duct;
Besides, this new software will permit to modelize the fabric tissue by means of its thickness and thermal properties.
In the case of the new software, a fabric tissue with its corresponding thickness and thermal properties can be selected, and therefore, now it is possible to modelize a geometry that takes into account the fabric presence.
The most difficult to modelize is the highly nonlinear character of the thermo-physical properties of water (or frost).
Rank-based strategies are natural and they adequately modelize constraints in some situations, for example, when there are no mechanisms for quality measurement in absolute terms.
2003) pointed out that the linear property and synergy effects of the utility functions may not adequately modelize the comprehensive and complex correlations between independent and dependent variables.
WISETEX and LAMTEX help to modelize the fabric structure [12].
This does not occur when the textile used in IMD is studied, because the geometry and pore size is very variable and it is impossible to modelize.
Cellular automata are dynamical systems widely used the two last decades in order to modelize phenomena arising in game theory, economy, theoretical physics, biology, or theoretical computer science (complexity, computation).