Modern Persian

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Mod′ern Per′sian

the Persian language since c900 a.d., written in Arabic script.
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Modern Persian poetry was revolutionised in the last century by Nima Yushij, who died in 1960.
Summer Session (five weeks): Persian VIA Modern Persian History taught and tested in Persian (five days per week, three hours per day) and precalculus math (five days, three hours per day).
With Iranian public opinion catalyzing behind a figure seen as a modern Persian incarnation of Adolf Hitler, the atmosphere is being tuned for a potentially devastating war.
The Politics of Writing in Iran: A History of Modern Persian Literature.
Fahmida Riaz could not write much on the literary aspects of Farogh owing to the fact that the modern Persian literature, particularly the literature on Farogh and her contemporary writers are not available in Pakistan, while Farogh remained unworthy of any credit in Pakistan for a long time.