Modulus of rupture

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the measure of the force necessary to break a given substance across, as a beam, expressed by eighteen times the load which is required to break a bar of one inch square, supported flatwise at two points one foot apart, and loaded in the middle between the points of support.
- Rankine.
Engin.) See under Modulus.

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The modulus of elasticity and the modulus of rupture during flexion could not be calculated for G5 and G6 as the intricate geometry of the structure did not allow the determination or application of a mathematical model that could accurately represent the physical state of the loads, geometry, boundary conditions and behaviour of the materials.
RCC properties and typical relationships among compressive strength, tensile strength, modulus of rupture, and modulus of elasticity are similar to those of conventional hydraulic cement concrete.
scopulorum including modulus of elasticity (MOE), modulus of rupture (MOR), specific gravity, and shrinkage.
The average of wood density, modulus of elasticity (MOE) and modulus of rupture (MOR) along longitudinal position from base to the top were decreased.
f) Modulus of rupture of fired bodies: The variation of the modulus of rupture for different specimens with the three aforementioned parameters was investigated and the results obtained for 15 minutes soaking time shown in Figure 3f.
The average values of density, thickness swelling (TS), modulus of rupture (MOR) and modulus of elasticity (MOE) in static bending and internal bond (IB) of these panels are listed in Tables 4 and 6.
The modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity of wood particle composites and pine needle/wood particle composites were higher than the pine needle composites.
The tendency of different soils for hardsetting and crusting as a result of structural collapse was reflected in the modulus of rupture.
This paper discusses the reconstruction which has been done on coconut logs to estimate their mechanical properties comprising Young's modulus and modulus of rupture.
With 40 percent less weight compared with commercial pulp fiber-board, this newly developed fiberboard has a tensile strength of ~70 MPa in all directions, a modulus of rupture of ~45 MPa, and a modulus of elasticity of ~6 GPa--higher mechanical properties than commercial pulp fiberboard for packaging applications.
based product development facilities include computer simulation, water modeling, pilot plant capabilities, high temperature testing and hot modulus of rupture testing of refractories.