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1. (Placename) the German name for Moldavia
2. (Placename) the German name for the Vltava


(ˈmɔl daʊ, ˈmoʊl-)

German name of the Vltava.
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They depict the landscape, manmade features and folklore along the length of the Moldau River, which flows past Prague between the Danube and Elbe rivers.
Elias Canetti cites this passage in one of Kafka's earliest letters to Milena Jesenka: "Several years ago I often used to go in a man-drowner [small boat] on the Moldau.
The most celebrated movement is the second one rifled Vltava (The Moldau [River]).
Atilt took was to cross Smetana's River Moldau over the Charles Bridge into the historic old town, explore its streets and byways, its churches, and be taken to a very ni ce restaurant high on a hill near the castle.
As in Kubrick's film, the soundtrack uses classical music--Hector Berlioz's "Requiem," Henryk Gorec-ki's "Sorrowful Symphony," Bedrich Smetana's "The Moldau," John Taven-er's "Resurrection in Hades," and much more.
The concert programme includes John Parry's Sonata No 1; Claude Debussy's Deux Arabesques; Benjamin Britten's Suite for Harp op 83 and The Moldau, by Bedrich Smetana.
I do not believe that countries like Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Moldau or the Ukraine would be better suited.
It was a delicious signature performance of "The Moldau.
Andreas Menn, Konstruktion von Nation und Staat in Osteuropa: Transnistrien und die Republik Moldau [Construction of nation and state in Eastern Europe: Transnistria and the Republic of Moldova], Saarbriicken, Vdm Verlag Dr.
A laboratory was set up on an island in the Moldau at Prague and specialists from the National Conservatory and the University of Prague worked with the double purpose of adding to scientific knowledge and retaining their bells.
A couple circumstances of his childhood may be reasonably inferred from the autobiographical motifs in his mature works: first, he spent a fair amount of time roaming and observing the natural world around him, the countryside and woods of the upper Moldau valley; and second, his youthful imagination was fired by his grandparents' tales of "the old times," relating mainly to places and sights with which he was familiar.
The river Elbe and its tributary the Moldau form the missing link connecting Prague not only with Magdeburg but also with Hamburg and the Hanseatic cities to the west.