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A river, about 435 km (270 mi) long, of the western Czech Republic flowing southeast then north to the Elbe River.


(Czech ˈvltava)
(Placename) a river in the Czech Republic, rising in the Bohemian Forest and flowing generally southeast and then north to the River Elbe near Melnik. Length: 434 km (270 miles). German name: Moldau


(ˈvʌl tə və)

a river in the W Czech Republic, flowing N to the Elbe. 270 mi. (435 km) long. German, Moldau.
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LAST OCTOBER, Prague's Moldau River was Tanaka's chosen medium.
At its confluence with the Elbe, the water levels of the Moldau river exceeded those of the major flood of 1890 in Prague, while, in Dresden, the Elbe rose above the previous flood level record of 28.
Once we reached the courtyard of the "Klasterni Pivovar" restaurant, built within an old monastery with a heart-stopping view of the city, golden in the late-afternoon sunlight as it spread over the banks of the Moldau River, we knew that we had begun an excellent adventure.