Molding machine

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(Woodworking) A planing machine for making moldings
(Founding) A machine to assist in making molds for castings.

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s) 10 lines to produce closures type a line - single-component injection molding machine 28t, Quantity: 1 set line b-type single-component injection molding machine 50t, Quantity: 2 sets.
Amorphous alloys company Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (Other OTC:LQMT) stated on Thursday that it plans to purchase its first amorphous metal molding machine from Licensee, Eontec Co Ltd.
That plate would compress the springs onto four limit switches wired to a safety mat control unit, which would stop the molding machine immediately.
based contract manufacturer and plastic injection molder has added an ENGEL victory combi molding machine in order to boost its multi-shot molding capability.
A new repeat part ejection command instructs the molding machine to eject stuck parts again before sounding an alarm.
com/research/dk5g9n/2012_deep) has announced the addition of the "2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Plastic injection molding machine Industry" report to their offering.
Moreover, the deal covers the transfer of Mitsubishis injection molding machine sales bases in the core overseas markets, including North America, China and Thailand.
The company's LIMS Plug-N-Play conversion kit is used on a Sumitomo injection molding machine to manufacture LIMS quiche pans made from silicone.
I asked the engineers at Sintokogio to develop a smaller, less expensive molding machine for my operation," said Hidemi Matsuzaki, the second generation owner of the metalcasting company.
EMS, ES2, ELC2 and EL2 units include microprocessor control of the remover and interface to the molding machine.
According to revised injection molding machine data for first quarter 2001, the dollar value of shipments during that time period declined 29% decline from fourth quarter 2000.