Molding sand

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(Founding) a kind of sand containing clay, used in making molds.

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The wet tensile strength is determined by pulling a detachable ring in position when the loaded prepared molding sand is compacted into the specimen tube (Fig.
metalcasting industry, with insights into the economic recovery and critical supply issues of scrap metal and molding sand availability.
Its primary products include batch and continuous mixing equipment, molding sand coolers, online mixer controls, core sand preparation systems, shell sand preparation plants, sand reclamation systems, sand lab equipment and casting system engineering.
As a result of the downward-moving riser, the molding sand under the riser is well compacted, and the casting has a perfect contact surface.
In the process, the molding sand is shot into a mold, which is heated during shooting and drying.
This course covers the components of the sand conditioning system that is used to prepare molding sand mixtures.
The properties of molding sand mixtures give an indication of the quality of the molding sand mixtures.
2]) Without Cores Emission Characteristics as Related to the 1,800F LOI Molding Sand % >5 LOI or >1.
The size of the sand grains in your molding sand mixture is a critical element in the quality of the castings you produce.
The sand system for the new molding line, which began operation in July 2007, was using molding sand taken from the older part of the metalcasting facility that still operated manual squeezers.
PREMIX[TM]--conventional molding sand binders formulated with various clay products and organic and inorganic additives.