Molding sand

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(Founding) a kind of sand containing clay, used in making molds.

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Tenders are invited for Marketing research of molding sand
Mullers are a valuable part of the metalcasting industry since they are highly effective in preparing molding sand.
Molding sand mixture consisted of four components: recycle molding sand, bentonite, water, and rice husk.
Contract notice for Delivery of molding sand processing station along with construction, installation and commissioning
Contract notice for Delivery of one or two mixers vigorous stirring for total yield of mixing the molding sand from 120 to 150 tons per hour including control systems
The wet tensile strength is determined by pulling a detachable ring in position when the loaded prepared molding sand is compacted into the specimen tube (Fig.
Contract notice for Delivery of refrigerators molding with a cooling capacity of molding sand from 120 to 150 tons per hour with the systems
metalcasting industry, with insights into the economic recovery and critical supply issues of scrap metal and molding sand availability.
Its primary products include batch and continuous mixing equipment, molding sand coolers, online mixer controls, core sand preparation systems, shell sand preparation plants, sand reclamation systems, sand lab equipment and casting system engineering.
As a result of the downward-moving riser, the molding sand under the riser is well compacted, and the casting has a perfect contact surface.
This course covers the components of the sand conditioning system that is used to prepare molding sand mixtures.