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 (mə-lē′nə, mō-), Mario José Born 1943.
Mexican-born American chemist who shared a 1995 Nobel Prize for his work on the formation and decomposition of ozone.


(Spanish moˈlina)
(Biography) See de Molina


(moʊˈli nə, mə-)

Tirso de, Tirso de Molina.
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To the sportsman they are most annoying, by telling every other bird and animal of his approach: to the traveller in the country, they may possibly, as Molina says, do good, by warning him of the midnight robber.
For the last nine years, Molina has set aside money the county gives each supervisor to pay for community projects.
With nine of its eligible health plans accredited, Molina is one of two Medicaid-focused health care organizations with the most NCQA Accreditations, making the company a national leader in providing quality care.
They recalled him Monday and placed catcher Bengie Molina on the 15-day disabled list.
MIAMI -- Molina Healthcare of Florida announced today that Eurica Sadler-Lane has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer of its health plan, a subsidiary of Molina Healthcare, Inc.
ARLINGTON, Texas - It took Bengie Molina 13 games last season before he was in condition to catch back-to-back games.
Molina Healthcare of Texas already serves STAR+PLUS beneficiaries in the Harris (Houston) and the Bexar (San Antonio) service areas.
Molina, who lives in Sun City in San Bernardino County, said when she heard about the exhibit, she knew her three boys - ages 13, 8 and 5 - had to be there.
We believe that Molina Medicaid Solutions will lay the foundation for an exciting new opportunity for our company," said, J.
As a gentle rain fell on Tempe Diablo Stadium on Saturday, Bengie Molina moved gracefully around the plate during an infield drill, preparing to catch a second game in three days, right on his spring training schedule.
SALT LAKE CITY -- Molina Healthcare of Utah, a subsidiary of Molina Healthcare, Inc.
Cracking people up with her sketch-comedy TV series ``Juana and her Sisters'' may have afforded then actress Juana Molina a good living in her native Argentina.