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A city of northwest Illinois on the Mississippi River across from Davenport, Iowa. It developed as a major producer of farm implements and tractors.


(Heraldry) heraldry (of a cross) having arms of equal length, forked and curved back at the ends
[C16: probably from Anglo-French moliné, from molin mill1, referring to the arms curved back like the ends of a mill-rind]


(ˈmoʊ lɪn, moʊˈlaɪn)

(of a heraldic cross) having the arms split and curved back at the ends.
[1555–65; < Anglo-French *moliné=molin mill1 + < Latin -ātus -ate1]
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Noun1.moline - a town in northwest Illinois on the Mississippi RiverMoline - a town in northwest Illinois on the Mississippi River
IL, Illinois, Land of Lincoln, Prairie State - a midwestern state in north-central United States
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And there beyond I see the red and silver of the Worsleys of Apuldercombe, who like myself are of Hampshire lineage, Close behind us is the moline cross of the gallant William Molyneux, and beside it the bloody chevrons of the Norfork Woodhouses, with the amulets of the Musgraves of Westmoreland.
30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) today said it has informed approximately 220 employees at John Deere Seeding and Cylinder in Moline that they will be placed on indefinite layoff, effective February 15, 2016.
Known for its renowned John Deere Pavilion, downtown Moline has been through a tremendous reformation.
Employing more than 250 teachers, One World School plans to open its new Headquarters in the River Station Building in downtown Moline, IL near Bass Landing in the very near future to accommodate its escalating growth.
announced it will invest $47 million to expand manufacturing capacity in its Moline, Ill.
Now, some educators may view visual materials as supplemental tools; but Steve Moline here views them as key strategies for engaging students at the most basic level of learning and skills acquisition.
Travel Business Review-February 8, 2011--American Eagle Airlines Offers New Service from Moline in US(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
The accident happened at El Trebol aviation club, where Dino Moline was performing aerobatics, when a wing suddenly broke off and the plane plunged towards the ground.
Moline finished with 84yards, with 65 yards in the second half against the nation's No.
Cheers, and congratulations to Peter and best wishes to next year's entrants," said Rob Moline of Lallemand.
He retired in 1981 from John Deere Harvester Works, Moline, Ill.