Molokai Island

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Noun1.Molokai Island - an island of central Hawaii (between Maui and Oahu)Molokai Island - an island of central Hawaii (between Maui and Oahu)
Hawaiian Islands, Sandwich Islands - a group of volcanic and coral islands in the central Pacific
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Damien the leper, a missionary priest who in caring for the lepers in Molokai Island contracted the disease.
Other countries represented at the event included Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Molokai Island, an island in the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Molokai Properties Limited ("MPL"), a wholly owned subsidiary of GuocoLeisure Limited, owns approximately 60,000 plus acres or 40% of the Hawaiian island of Molokai which is located between the island of Oahu and Maui, MPL had since March 2008 ceased its tourism and other operations on Molokai Island and is land-banking its remaining land assets on the island.