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Manned Orbital Laboratory


abbr. Chemistry


the chemical symbol for
(Units) mole3


1. molecular.
2. molecule.
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Noun1.mol - the molecular weight of a substance expressed in gramsmol - the molecular weight of a substance expressed in grams; the basic unit of amount of substance adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
metric weight unit, weight unit - a decimal unit of weight based on the gram
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Mols went on to score 38 goals before leaving Rangers in 2004.
Now Mols has signed for Dutch amateur outfit Sloterdijk 2.
Mols said: "Dick played more of the European style, passing and moving.
After his performance last Sunday against Partick there were eyebrows raised when Mols kept his place against Hibs.
Rustu came charging out of his goalmouth to join a ruck of protesting players who had surrounded Mols as Johnson writhed on the turf.
T p Mols said: "The only thing I hope for is that the people in charge - or those who are going to be in charge of Rangers - have the right intentions.
Mols, 38, was a fans' favourite at Ibrox following his pounds 4million move from FC Utrecht in 1999.
Mols was unable to sign off with a last goal in front of the fans who greeted him like a messiah when he first arrived at Ibrox.
The midweek defeat to Stuttgart ended Rangers' interest in the Champions League and killed off the European dreams Mols has carried with him for four years.
Mols said: "They always give everything against the Old Firm and beat Celtic there in the closing weeks of last season.
Mols wasn't playing that night as he had suffered a serious knee injury in the Champions League, ironically also in Germany against Bayern Munich.
Okay, it was only the Northern Masters at Glasgow's Braehead but Mols - who scored in Rangers' 3-1 victory over Motherwell yesterday - looked as if he could still be playing.