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Chez maman," said she, "quand il y avait du monde, je le suivais partout, au salon et e leurs chambres; souvent je regardais les femmes de chambre coiffer et habiller les dames, et c'etait si amusant: comme cela on apprend.
If the Frenchman in question is indeed, as I suppose, innocent of this atrocity, this advertisement which I left last night, upon our return home, at the office of 'Le Monde,' (a paper devoted to the shipping interest, and much sought by sailors,) will bring him to our residence.
He loves her, this poor, luckless, perfect homme du monde.
She is making the tour du monde entirely alone, without even a soubrette to carry the ensign, for the purpose of seeing for herself a quoi s'en tenir sur les hommes et les choses- -on les hommes particularly.
It has also found out that they will entertain a brilliant and distinguished circle of the ELITE of the BEAU MONDE (the fashionable intelligence is weak in English, but a giant refreshed in French) at the ancient and hospitable family seat in Lincolnshire.
The girl is delightfully pretty, but I thought I understood from you the other day that she was a young lady du meilleur monde.
Yet there were two or three small airless houses at the entrance end of Mews Street, which went at enormous rents on account of their being abject hangers-on to a fashionable situation; and whenever one of these fearful little coops was to be let (which seldom happened, for they were in great request), the house agent advertised it as a gentlemanly residence in the most aristocratic part of town, inhabited solely by the elite of the beau monde.
Le Comite executif de la Fifa a valide, lors de sa reunion a Zurich, les horaires des coups d'envoi des matchs de la Coupe du monde 2018 et de la Coupe des confederations 2017.
C'est une nouvelle et derniere epreuve avant de gravir l'autre plus haut sommet du monde (l'Everest) prevu en 2016.
In its bid to build a global food portfolio, local food group Monde Nissin Corp.
But bosses say more jobs are on the way, after Quorn owners Exponent Private Equity and Intermediate Capital Group agreed the sale of the fast-growing global brand to Philippines firm Monde Nissin.
Now the business, which topped turnover of PS150m for the first time last year, has been sold by private equity company Exponent to Monde Nissin, a Philippines-based business which is expected to continue its rapid upward trajectory in both sales and staff numbers.