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n.1.The moon.
1.A moan.
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In addition to the Au900 fine, Mr Mone was also sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for three years for each of the three charges.
Mone holds 142 shares in parent firm MJM International while her estranged husband has one more with 143.
The entrepreneur has unveiled Ultimo Couture by Michelle Mone, which is exclusive to Debenhams, and features 12 sophisticated dresses made from bespoke fabrics with custom-made patterns and intricate attention to detail.
Mone uses celebrities to help sell her Ultimo Angel range, including Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding and Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster.
Entrepreneurs are hot stuff in the UK at them moment, and individuals should be taking advantage of this to set up their business now," Ms Mone said.
Managers are seeking a listing on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) for Mone ybox, which manages more than 2,310 cash points in pubs and other retail locations in the UK and generates ann ual turnover of around pounds 28m.
FTU does plan on using more conservative accounting assumptions for MONE, which should result in MONE's earnings stream being less sensitive to changes in interest rates and prepayments.
Also and perhaps more importantly mOne will save clients money through time saving efficiencies and provide more visibility and control of all campaigns," he said.
The recently ennobled Baroness Mone said that people should stop looking for excuses and "work hard".
Mone moaned that her father, a working class Glaswegian, has refused to call her Lady Mone, which one assumes he thought was a bit formal, even when your daughter has a big hit for herself.
It was earlier reported that the 44-year-old cricket legend had spent four hours romancing Mone in her The Dorchester Hotel suite, after spending Valentine's Day with his former fiancee Elizabeth Hurley.
Mone then taunted him with a photo of a player with an injured and bloody ear and tweeted: "Haha, you would be in intensive care if that happened to you