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n.1.(Zool.) One of the Monera.
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Even down to my birth-century that poison was still in the blood of Christendom, and the best of English com- moners was still content to see his inferiors impudently continuing to hold a number of positions, such as lord- ships and the throne, to which the grotesque laws of his country did not allow him to aspire; in fact, he was not merely contented with this strange condition of things, he was even able to persuade himself that he was proud of it.
En otras disciplinas ha surgido tambien un interes por estos elementos, como se advierte en el libro editado por Arredondo, Civil y Moner (2009), que se ocupa de los paratextos en la literatura espanola (siglos XV-XVIII).
The actor had played Lalon Fakir - a 19th century Bengali spiritual leader, poet and folk singer - in the 2010 Indo-Bangladeshi joint venture Moner Manush .
Isabela Moner voices the role of Heather, the mayor's #extraf"AUG.
The movie, starring Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, and Isabela Moner includes the HMS Alliance as a submarine transformer that has a submersible pursuing it.
Moner Orang, head of the Caloocan City Police-North Extension office.
The actor also admitted that him being an overprotective father extended to his "Transformer" co-star Isabela Moner, 15.
Contract notice: Technical services, rental of technical material and general services for the preparation, execution and development of the performances, shows and activities of the municipal auditorium music rafael beltrn moner.
LVN 218421 Miday, Susan Denise LVN 234176 Mills, Tricia Michelle RN 665882 Ming, Pasliso Lajune LVN 175905 Molinar, Jesus Gilberto LVN 179629 Moncayo, Luis Manuel RN 732798 & LVN 185577 Moner, Cazaria Jovita RN 836078 Montgomery, Chinyere Edith LVN 306304 Montgomery, Erin Elizabeth RN 692698 Moore, Dulcie Dawn LVN 319779 Moreno, Sondra Ann LVN 180497 Morton, Lydia F.
a) The suicide bomber, Moner Abu Salha, had followed al-Awlaki's advice to young Western Muslims to choose between hijrah, or immigration to the Muslim world, or jihad at home.
Mateen had been investigated twice by the FBI--first in 2013 after he made "inflammatory comments to co-workers alleging possible ties to terrorists," and again in 2014, when agents examined possible ties connecting Mateen to Moner Mohammad Abusalha, the first American to carry out a suicide attack in Syria.
Malik said in 2014 a Muslim boy in their neighborhood in Florida, Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, was reported to be the suicide bomber who attacked a government office in Syria.