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 (mō-nā′, mô-), Claude 1840-1926.
French painter and founder of impressionism noted for his examinations of the effects of changing light and atmosphere, as in the series Water Lilies (1899-1925).


(French mɔnɛ)
(Biography) Claude (klod). 1840–1926, French landscape painter; the leading exponent of impressionism. His interest in the effect of light on colour led him to paint series of pictures of the same subject at different times of day. These include Haystacks (1889–93), Rouen Cathedral (1892–94), the Thames (1899–1904), and Water Lilies (1899–1906)



Claude, 1840–1926, French painter.
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Noun1.Monet - French impressionist painter (1840-1926)Monet - French impressionist painter (1840-1926)
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If Monet's really Debussy, and Debussy's really Monet, neither gentleman is worth his salt--that's my opinion.
His brain might be full of names, he might have even heard of Monet and Debussy; the trouble was that he could not string them together into a sentence, he could not make them "tell," he could not quite forget about his stolen umbrella.
To look at his pictures you would have thought that Monet, Manet, and the rest of the Impressionists had never been.
Ille etiam caecos instare tumultus Saepe monet, fraudesque et operta tunescere bella.
They talked of the places they had been to in the summer, of studios, of the various schools; they mentioned names which were unfamiliar to Philip, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Degas.
Duplex libelli dos est: quod risum movet, Et quod prudenti vitam consilio monet.
In the second pic, Monet is covering her face with her hands as Gardner prepares to put the ring on her finger.
The private nature of most of these transactions, coupled with the destruction in the Second World War of Bernheim-Jeune's inventory of the paintings Monet left at Giverny, makes it doubly difficult to reconstruct the collection as it was in the artist's lifetime.
Owner Katy Smith has trained Monet and other horses, to perform several chores.
By connecting to Equinix data centers, Monet and its users can leverage Equinix's mature business ecosystems and interconnection platform Platform Equinix which connects more than 8,000 global businesses in 40 markets around the globe.
Monet is a planned submarine cable that is currently designed to deliver over 60 terabits of capacity between the US and Brazil.
A girl named Julie embarks on a journey with her mother and she befriends a gardener who turns out to be the great artist, Claude Monet.