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n.1.A month.
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y]s take wyth feendes of the ffayry / flfor aloone he gothe that I / Ne wote in a moneth where hym to fende / And alle his meyne he levys hym behynde / He lateth hym aloone Sir sykerly / She hath defended hym highly / That he desyre not hir to see / This ys a wonder thing to me / They mete neuer but a nyght / Of hir had he yett neuer no sight / He fyndeth wyth hir alle maner of plesaunce / Hit ys a feende or som myschaunce.
With the tragicall ends of two Emperors, and one Empresse, within one Moneth during his being there (London, 1605) in which the fall of the Tsar, Boris Godunov, is compared to Hamlet, only to repeat her claim about the modern refusal of history.
6) In some cases, English contemporaries referred to menstruation as "Menstrua" because "once in a moneth they happen always to womankind after xiii or xv yeeres of age passed.
in the new Style (or stylo novo, as they phrase it) which is the first day of the Moneth in the old Style and Accompt of England' (C5V).
He specifies that this celebration, far from being a one-time event, became a fixed part of the ritual calendar: "euer afterward, upon that day at night the Shoomakers make great cheare and feasting, in remembrance of these two Princely brethren: and because it might not be forgotten, t hey caused their names to be placed in the Kalender for a yeerly remembrance, which you shall find in the moneth of October, about three days before the feast of Simon and Jude" (137).
Clement, Francis 1587 The Petie Schole with an English Orthographic, wherin by rules lately prescribed is taught a method to enable both a childe to reade perfectly within one moneth, & also the vnperfect to write English aright.
Gomara (or Thomas Nichols, his translator) tells us that "the last day of the first moneth is called Tlacaxipeualizeli, on the whiche day were slaine a hundred slaues, which were taken in the warres, and after the sacrifice, their flesh was eaten in this order.
August the 18th, betweene nine & tenne of the clock att night, was John Fairfax the sonne of Thomas and Issabell Fairefax borne, & the 20th day of the same moneth was the sayd John Baptized, & [y.
In April 1712 two men who had married irregularly appeared before the session of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, to say that "they were unwilling to take such an irregular course, but each of the men being soldiers in fflanders they gott orders to make ready for sailing in the moneth of March and had they taken the ordinary way of publication of banns, they thought they would not had (sic) time.
shillinges a moneth towardes their maintenaunce And likewise for the
18) For once in the yeere, which is the whole moneth of August, and sometimes part of September, many of the Nobility and Gentry of the Kingdome (for their pleasure) doe come into these high-land Countries to hunt,