Money bill

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(Legislation) a bill for raising revenue.

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The exclusive privilege of originating money bills will belong to the House of Representatives.
Because they did not fall within the purview of the money bill, only parliament could amend the laws.
Noting that under the Constitution's Article 122, the decision of the Speaker that a Bill is a Money Bill was"final"and mere procedural irregularities would not stand in the way of the decision, he argued that the Speaker's decision was final only in respect of Lok Sabha.
The Finance Bill also contains other provisions related to the Budget, which can be classified as a Money Bill.
So, the young architect Victoria Semkina noted that the central art object of the "Northern Lights" will be a street installation in the form of a money bill.
Appearing for Congress Rajya Sabha member Jairam Ramesh, who has challenged the introduction of the Aadhaar Bill, 2016 (now an Act), as Money Bill, senior lawyer P Chidambaram told the bench that Article 110 of the constitution defines a Money Bill and spells the category of legislations that can be introduced as Money Bill.
Ruling further states that 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, empowers the President to promulgate an ordinance in certain circumstances and that ordinance promulgated by the President under Article 89 is required to be laid before the National Assembly, in case of a Money Bill, under sub-para (i) of para (a) of clause (2) of Article 89, before both Houses of Parliament if it does not relate to matter specified in clause (2) of Article 73, in terms of sub-para (ii) of para (a) of clause (2) of Article 89 of the Constitution, 1973.
They contended that super tax was not a tax and it could not be levied through a money bill by the parliament.
Perhaps as a commemoration day of the birth of His Majesty The King Norodom Sihanouk on October 30, 1922, the National Bank of Cambodia announced the release of a new money bill, the 5,000 riel note, throughout the whole kingdom.
However, the levy was challenged in courts due to various reasons including the argument that GIDC could not be imposed on gas consumers through a money bill.
If he is of the opinion, a bill introduced in Rajya Sabha is a money bill, he would refer the case to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for deciding it.
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