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A Native American culture flourishing from the 2nd century bc to the 13th century ad in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico, especially noted for its development of pottery.

[After Mogollon, a town in west-central New Mexico where artifacts typical of the culture were excavated.]


(ˌmoʊ gəˈyoʊn)

1. an extensive plateau or mesa in central Arizona; the SW margin of the Colorado Plateau.
2. a mountain range in W New Mexico.
3. of or designating an Indian culture of SE Arizona and SW New Mexico c300 b.c.a.d. cl400.
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Herman (history, Central Washington University) delves into the history of how two Apache tribes, the Dilzhe'e and Yavapai, came to the Mongollon Rim in east-central Arizona, how they were cast out by whites and confined to reservations, and how they returned, during the time period 1864-1934.
Jerome teeters astride Cleopatra Hill at nearly one mile in elevation, affording its visitors a spectacular view to the east of the Verde Valley, Arizona's Mongollon Rim and, on a clear day, the San Francisco Peaks above Flagstaff.
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