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 (klôr′ō-bĕn′zēn′, -bĕn-zēn′)
A colorless, volatile flammable liquid, C6H5Cl, used to prepare phenol, DDT, and aniline and as a general solvent.


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless volatile flammable insoluble liquid with an almond-like odour, made from chlorine and benzene and used as a solvent and in the preparation of many organic compounds, esp phenol and DDT. Formula: C6H5Cl


(ˌklɔr əˈbɛn zin, -bɛnˈzin, ˌkloʊr-)

a colorless flammable liquid, C6H5Cl, used as a solvent and in the synthesis of DDT, drugs, and perfumes.
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Noun1.chlorobenzene - a colorless volatile flammable liquid with an almond odor that is made from chlorine and benzene; used as a solvent and in the production of phenol and DDT and other organic compounds
hydrocarbon - an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen
dissolvent, dissolver, dissolving agent, resolvent, solvent - a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances; "the solvent does not change its state in forming a solution"
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Monochlorobenzene was a raw material used in making DDT.
Certified to reduce: asbestos, chlordane, chlorine, cysts, lead, mercury, monochlorobenzene, MTBE, nominal particulates (Class I), taste and odor, toxaphene, turbidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Step 1 of the reaction is carried out either in tetrahydrofuran(THF)/water or monochlorobenzene (MCB)/water mix.