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An insurance company that specializes in guaranteeing the timely repayment of bond principal and interest in the event of default.

[From the fact that such companies have only one line of business or field of activity.]
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It was a stable business model for these monoline companies: Receive a constant supply of insurance premiums in return for backing debt obligations that had very little default risk.
Some of the monoline insurers, while apparently having adequate capital from a regulatory point of view, may not be able to meet these commitments.
However, there has been some debate and the most interesting area has been in monolines and the concept of using Takaful to hedge against the possibility of a Sukuk default, in effect an Islamic monoline insurer.
Mortgages known as Alt-A securities and problems at bond insurers, known as monolines because they traditionally provided services to only one industry, may hit bank earnings in subsequent quarters, S&P credit analyst Tanya Azarchs said "We believe there could be further monoline write-downs that banks will have to take," Azarchs said.
monoline'' bond insurers in the wake of recent bad news as it had already become optimistic about the monoline issue after recent rescue plans.
His prior positions include vice president, underwriting at RVI Services, a monoline insurance company and project management roles at Tishman Real Estate & Construction.
This insurance program requires minimum premiums of $25,000 each for Monoline General Liability, Monoline Property and a Package (General Liability' and Property).
Additionally, the insurance code monoline restriction for mortgage guaranty insurers in California further prohibits Radian from transacting any other class of insurance in the State.
Toolex Alpha also has a DVD monoline system based upon its FI-FO disc replication system.
NEW YORK -- The counterparty credit risk exposure of 12US bank holding companies and international banking companies to monoline insurers has led to some $54 billion in write-downs by the banks since 2007, according to a new analysis by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.
The market has been closely watching the fate of monoline bond insurers -- which cover the risk of bonds or other securities defaulting -- as their payments are expected to swell amid the U.
The monoline product gives small businesses more flexibility in acquiring coverage through independent insurance agents.