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1. Of, relating to, or designating sound reception by one ear.
2. Electronics Monophonic.

mon·au′ral·ly adv.


1. (Physiology) relating to, having, or hearing with only one ear
2. (Electronics) another word for monophonic
monˈaurally adv


(ˌmɒn əˈfɒn ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to monophony.
2. of or noting a system of sound recording and reproduction using only a single channel.
mon`o•phon′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.monaural - relating to or having or hearing with only one earmonaural - relating to or having or hearing with only one ear; "monaural deafness"
biaural, binaural - relating to or having or hearing with two ears; "binaural hearing"
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If Jules Barnathan is to be believed, then network executives did not share television theory's prioritising of monophonic sound.
Despite the admirable way in which the recording has been cleaned, in the rather tinny monophonic sound one can clearly hear and recognise the limits of the recording technology, and despite the legends with which the Czech Philharmonic is wreathed, when listening to the "fat" brass tones, the very thin tone of the oboe or the over-prominent strings one cannot but reflect critically on the half century that divides us from the then standard of the orchestra.
His many hours of careful preparation, punctuated by the monophonic sound of vintage recordings, created an authentic walk down memory lane.