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also mon·si·gnor  (mŏn-sēn′yər)
n. Roman Catholic Church
1. A title conferred by the pope on a high-ranking male cleric, such as a protonotary apostolic.
2. A cleric holding such a title.
3. Abbr. Msgr. or Mgr. Used as a form of address prefixed to the name of such a cleric.

[Italian, from French Monseigneur; see Monseigneur.]

Mon′si·gnor′i·al (mŏn′sēn-yôr′ē-əl) adj.


(mɒnˈsiːnjə; Italian monsiɲˈɲor)
n, pl Monsignors or Monsignori (Italian monsiɲˈɲoːri)
(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church an ecclesiastical title attached to certain offices or distinctions usually bestowed by the Pope. Abbreviation: Mgr or Msgr
[C17: from Italian, from French Monseigneur]


(mɒnˈsi nyər, ˌmɒn siˈnyɔr)

n., pl. mon•si•gnors, mon•si•gno•ri (ˌmɔn siˈnyɔr i)
1. a title conferred upon certain Roman Catholic prelates.
2. a person bearing this title.
[1635–45; < Italian < French Monseigneur monseigneur; see signor]
mon`si•gno′ri•al, adj.


An Italian word meaning my lord, used as a title for some members of the Roman Catholic clergy.
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Noun1.Monsignor - (Roman Catholic Church) an ecclesiastical title of honor bestowed on some priestsMonsignor - (Roman Catholic Church) an ecclesiastical title of honor bestowed on some priests
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
priest - a clergyman in Christian churches who has the authority to perform or administer various religious rites; one of the Holy Orders


[mɒnˈsiːnjəʳ] N (monsignors or monsignori (pl)) → monseñor m


[mɒnˈsiːnjər] nmonsignore m


nMonsignore m
References in classic literature ?
I rose, approached the sacristan, and told him that, since Monsignor was receiving callers, his lordship might just as well finish off my affair as well.
Thereupon I declared that I was a heretic and a barbarian--"Je suis heretique et barbare," I said, "and that these archbishops and cardinals and monsignors, and the rest of them, meant nothing at all to me.
in considering it apocryphal, though Monsignor Capel's judgment of the
It identified the woman as Francesca Chaouqui and the monsignor as the Rev Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda.
Monsignor Johnson emphasized, however, that he would never prohibit someone from attending Mass or make them feel unwelcome at church no matter what they were wearing.
SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly said: "It's a huge shock to all in the community who know the Monsignor and his family.
Monsignor Coughlan was born in South Bank, Middlesbrough on 18th January 1929, one of five children.
The Monsignor nicknamed "Monsignor 500" for his habit handling only E500 notes, told Rome prosecutors that although Apsa wasn't a bank, it acted as one and was in competition with the Vatican's (http://www.
But if anyone is capable of it then it is Monsignor Cushley.
Five days later, the Vatican stripped him of his monsignor title.
Since being retired from racing, Monsignor has added to his celebrity status by becoming the equine face of the Homing Ex-Racehorses Organisation Scheme (Heros), whose chief executive Grace Muir, while thrilled to have her star turn back to boost the charity's profile, admits the cost of his treatment has seriously dented their coffers.
Monsignor Smith, based at St Mary's Cathedral in Calton, takes up the three-year post - working for Indian Archb ishop Frances Chullikatt - on March 1.