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n.1.My lord; - an ecclesiastical dignity bestowed by the pope, entitling the bearer to social and domestic rank at the papal court. (Abbrev. Mgr.
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The employee growth and low turnover has allowed C&A to receive several recognitions including: “Best Accounting Firm to Work For” by Accounting Today, the “Reverend Monsignore Thomas J.
There was a commemorative Mass at which Monsignore Guillermo Karcher gave a very well-informed account of the life, work and significance of Dewi Sant, followed by a concert of Welsh music, including poems by Aeronwy Thomas (Dylan Thomas' daughter) set to music by Ann Rees of Cwmafan and Grace Williams' Mari Lwyd.
Monsignore Hristo Proikov, Apostolic Earch and president of the Catholic episcopal conference in Bulgaria, stated that the occasion is of great importance, because the Bulgarian ties with catolicism date back to the 9th century.
Any Pole with a passing knowledge of recent history will easily identify this odious, arrogant, anti-Semitic, nationalistic Monsignore as the confessor-priest to Solidarity founder Lech Walesa.
The Laghetto del Monsignore is a most important open-air sanctuary where the Latin peoples living in the surrounding areas dedicated offerings from the early Iron Age onward," said Peter A.
A dedication ceremony at the university on Thursday began with a Mass celebrated by the rector, Monsignore Mariano Fazio, who observed, "God and the Church today more than ever need credible witnesses to the love of Christ in the world, like Father van Straaten.
169 (Benedetto Castelli to Galileo Galilei, Rome, 6 April 1630); Galilei, 14:89-90: "Quanto al venire qua a Roma, diro le precise parole di Monsignore: che lei e desiderata piu che qual si voglia amatissima donzella, e sempre che verra, sara padrona della casa di Monsignore, e potra disporre di lui e delle cose sue come proprie .
DXXXII: 'El portatore de la litera e uno Domenicho da Forli che lavora de stuchi, che vene per lavorare a monsignore reven rendisimo de'Medici, et e el primo m[aest]ro che lavora de stucho .
16) "Et tale e stato monsignore Dalla Casa, come fede ne fanno le sue dotte et osservate composizioni, nelle quali non trovo io altro diffetto se non che poche sono et troppo rade ci vengono nelle mani [.
All our monasteries are full up," Monsignore, I cried in despair.
It is curious, though scarcely surprising, that Russell's spoken voice on sound-recordings retains a decidedly sermonical character, suggesting the aggrieved pomposity of a monsignore facing morals charges.
Thomas and distinguished guests included the Reverand Monsignore Franklyn Casale, president; the Archbishop of Miami, the Most Reverand John Favarola; and law school Dean John Makdisi; and former Dean Dan Morrissey.