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n.1.My lord; - an ecclesiastical dignity bestowed by the pope, entitling the bearer to social and domestic rank at the papal court. (Abbrev. Mgr.
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He recently published the book "Konrad Adenauer -- Der Vater, die Macht und das Erbe -- Das Tagebuch des Monsignore Paul Adenauer 1961-1966" (Konrad Adenauer -- The Father, the Power and the Heritage -- the Journal of Monsignore Paul Adenauer 1961-1966) and also co-organized the exhibition "Unity Only in Freedom -- Konrad Adenauer and the German Question," which goes on show at the German Historical Museum in Berlin on April 22.
Clothes function as essential components, not just accessories, of her blossoming personality ("Una bambina con quella cuffia da monsignore non poteva ignorare il problema della morte, la poverta del prossimo, i dubbi religiosi, l'incostanza della sorte," p.
He needed to resign, he said, as a measure of protest over the production of the fourth Don Camillo film, Don Camillo, monsignore .
This changed when Monsignore Jozef Tiso, who wrote his name during the Hungarian rule (until 1918) as "Tiszo," started his political career as editor of the Hungarian paper Nyitrai Szemle and became leader of the Hlinka-Party.
Questo monsignore tedesco, cameriere segreto di Benedetto XV, nel 1916 fu accusato dal governo italiano di spionaggio e di tradimento.
In this sense, it is useful to remark here that Giganti worked as secretary of outstanding Bolognese individuals such as Monsignore Lodovico Beccadelli from 1550 to 1572 and Archbishop Gabriele Paleotti, from 1580 to 1597: when Beccadelli worked as tutor of Ferdinando I de Medici in Tuscany, between 1563 and 1572, Giganti lived with him and, both before and after Beccadelli's death, he obtained many objects from his collection.
The employee growth and low turnover has allowed C&A to receive several recognitions including: “Best Accounting Firm to Work For” by Accounting Today, the “Reverend Monsignore Thomas J.
Si este era el hombre publico, no menos atractivo le resultaba a Dario el privado con su religiosidad de creyente; viviendo celibe y muriendo casto, amante del lujo por estetica y aficionado a la buena mesa: "Comia con el gusto de un monsignore y con el apetito de un abad" (Dario, 1899: 39), teniendo siempre invitados con quienes desarrollaba una brillante conversacion, trufada de ingenio y anecdotas.
There was a commemorative Mass at which Monsignore Guillermo Karcher gave a very well-informed account of the life, work and significance of Dewi Sant, followed by a concert of Welsh music, including poems by Aeronwy Thomas (Dylan Thomas' daughter) set to music by Ann Rees of Cwmafan and Grace Williams' Mari Lwyd.
Monsignore Hristo Proikov, Apostolic Earch and president of the Catholic episcopal conference in Bulgaria, stated that the occasion is of great importance, because the Bulgarian ties with catolicism date back to the 9th century.
MANSELLI, "Enrico del Carretto e la consultazione sulla magia di Giovanni XXII", en Miscellanea in onore di Monsignore Martino Giusti, vol.
Any Pole with a passing knowledge of recent history will easily identify this odious, arrogant, anti-Semitic, nationalistic Monsignore as the confessor-priest to Solidarity founder Lech Walesa.