Mont de piete

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Mont´ de pi`e`te´

1.One of certain public pawnbroking establishments which originated in Italy in the 15th century, the object of which was to lend money at a low rate of interest to poor people in need; - called also mount of piety. The institution has been adopted in other countries, as in Spain and France. See Lombard-house.
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Valuable effects were there daily sold for a twentieth part of their original cost, and the vicomtesse saw her little stores diminish daily; for the Mont de Piete was obliged to regulate its own proceedings by the received current values of the day.
Adrienne had taken her way along the quays, delighted with her acquisition, and was far from the Mont de Piete before this indispensable duty occurred to her mind.
In the first of these two chapters, he traces the emergence of religious confraternities and the development of local bureaus of charity, as well as the spread of institutions of Italian origin - the mont de piete where the poor could pawn their possessions and the grenier d'abondance which assured a supply of seed grain to the poorest farmers.