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A large hornless sheep of a breed developed in the United States, raised for its meat and dense white wool.

[Monta(na) (where the first ram used to develop the breed was purchased) + dale (probably on the model of Corriedale).]


(Animals) an American breed of hornless sheep that is bred for both meat and its substantial fleece
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Breeding Sheep: Montadale, Suffolk, Hampshire, Dorset & Cheviot in order 9 a.
The Binghams have been active in the club for four years, and raise chickens and Montadale sheep to show at 4-H and agricultural fairs in New England.
It also has been diagnosed in Border Leicester, Cheviot, Corriedale, Cotswold, Dorset, Finnsheep, Hampshire, Merino, Montadale, Rambouillet, Shropshire, Southdown, and a number of crossbreeds.