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also mon·ta·gnard  (mŏn′tən-yärd′)
A member of a people inhabiting the mountains and highlands of southern Vietnam near the border of Cambodia.
Of or relating to the Montagnards or their culture.

[French, mountaineer, from montagne, mountain, from Old French montaigne; see mountain.]


(ˌmɒntənˈjɑːd; -ˈjɑː)
n, pl -gnards or -gnard
1. (Peoples) a member of a hill people living on the border between Vietnam, Laos, and NE Cambodia
2. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people living in the N Rocky Mountains
[C19: from French: mountaineer, from montagne mountain]


(ˌmɒn tənˈyɑrd, -ˈyɑr)

(sometimes l.c.) a member of any of a number of Mon-Khmer and Chamic-speaking peoples of the highlands of central and S Vietnam and Laos.
[1835–45; < French: literally, mountaineer. See mountain, -ard]
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L e refus de servir dans les zones reculees, qui souffrent le plus du manque de medecins et de l'absenteisme d'autres qui n'admettent pas d'aller servir des montagnards et des ruraux dans le Bled, fait perdre aux manifestants contre l'avant-projet de loi NAu;28.
Their arrival comes after Cambodia deported dozens of asylum-seeker Montagnards back to Vietnam, where they claim they are persecuted for their Christian beliefs and culture.
featuring diverse, local and international, speakers from Hawaii, Thailand and France as well as Laotians, Khmers, Montagnards and Americans with related expertise and experiences from academic institutions, business communities, and Law firm and past US government involvements.
Communist tactics against the Montagnards, indigenous mountain tribes, were particularly vicious.
On pourrait aussi evoquer les grands rassemblements montagnards de camping-cars a l'occasion du Tour de France par exemple, etc.
Les problemes economiques de l'Iran sont tres differents de ceux des pays occidentaux: Les notres ressemblent aux difficultes qu'aurait un groupe de montagnards pour atteindre un sommet alors que ceux des pays occidentaux s'apparentent a un autobus pris sous une avalanche".
In Vietnam, the indigenous Degar people, also called Montagnards, are viewed with suspicion for their Christian faith, and the government is responsible for numerous cases of torture and abuse, while hundreds of Degar women have been subject to forced sterilization.
This period was known as Thermidorian, because the power--obtained by the moderate Montagnards deputies led by Bertrand Barrere of Vieuzac, on the one hand and on the other, by the partisans of the constitutional government led by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes,--was taken in mid-July 1794, which was called "thermidor" in the Republican calendar.
Earlier this year, committed people of our city offered shelter to Montagnards desperate to leave their mountain homeland.
So the law continues to keep out what Ellen Sauerbrey, assistant secretary of state in charge of refugees, recently described to a Senate subcommittee as ''other meritorious cases, such as Cuban anti-Castro freedom fighters, Vietnamese Montagnards who fought alongside of U.