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(ˈmɒn təˌgyu)

(in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) the family name of Romeo. Compare Capulet.
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Montague Lady Hunstanton, Miss Rose Leclercq Lady Caroline Pontefract, Miss Le Thiere Lady Stutfield, Miss Blanche Horlock Mrs.
Tell him further that I hold Montague in my power; that Montague is in the Bastille; that no letters were found upon him, it is true, but that torture may make him tell much of what he knows, and even what he does not know.
The play was "The Shaughraun," with Dion Boucicault in the title role and Harry Montague and Ada Dyas as the lovers.
It was that in which Harry Montague, after a sad, almost monosyllabic scene of parting with Miss Dyas, bade her good-bye, and turned to go.
He thought the adieux of Montague and Ada Dyas as fine as anything he had ever seen Croisette and Bressant do in Paris, or Madge Robertson and Kendal in London; in its reticence, its dumb sorrow, it moved him more than the most famous histrionic outpourings.
But Miss Montague says the Lady Geraldine's brow was sun-kissed and of course an earl's daughter wouldn't be sunburned.
In the meantime original work of a high order was being produced both in England and America by such writers as Bradley, Stout, Bertrand Russell, Baldwin, Urban, Montague, and others, and a new interest in foreign works, German, French and Italian, which had either become classical or were attracting public attention, had developed.
No doubt--yet one needn't be always fifteen, as Lady Wortley Montague said," muttered the other, giving up the point, and changing her seat, in order that she might speak her mind more freely into the ear of a congenial spirit.
Lady Wortley Montague = Lady Mary Wortley Montague (1689-
1 August 2017 - California, US-based cooking equipment provider Montague Co has acquired California-based evaporator coil manufacturer Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems, Inc.
It was the first time Raye Montague traveled by train since 1956 when she left segregated Little Rock, Arkansas, to look for a job in Washington D.
Montague Towers is the unlikely hero who we all love to read about.