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 (mōn-tä′lā, -lĕ), Eugenio 1896-1981.
Italian poet whose works, which greatly influenced 20th-century Italian literature, include Le Occasioni (1939) and Satura (1962). He won the 1975 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Italian monˈtaːle)
(Biography) Eugenio (euˈdʒɛːnjo). 1896–1981, Italian poet: Nobel prize for literature 1975


(mɔnˈtɑ lɛ)

Eugenio, 1896–1981, Italian poet: Nobel prize 1975.
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Contract notice: Delivery and installation of a non-catalytic nox reduction system, to be installed c / o the incinerator of montale.
In addition, Forte calls to our attention in his final chapter significant poems by Italian poet Eugenio Montale and Catalan poet Joan Maragall.
Of all the arts practiced in France, the culinary one is least intermingled with life, the only one, it might be said, that requires professionals," wrote the Italian Nobel laureate Eugenio Montale in 1953.
Dupont, Versace, Lancome, Givenchy, Montale, Chopard, Viktor & Rolf, Polo Ralph Lauren, Aigner, and Mancera.
Lo spiraglio che apre a una nuova visione e tipico della poesia di Montale e serve a Calvino come chiave ulteriore nell'ambito di quella "palestra dell'immaginazione" cui ci si riferiva sopra.
Calvino goes on to compare Ovid's lines to those of a modern Italian poet, Eugenio Montale.
into Spanish of the complete poems of Eugenio Montale appeared in
Thomas's seamless translations from the Italian poets Giacomo Leopardi, Umberto Saba, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Eugenio Montale and Primo Levi then move seamlessly from his own direct verse which constitutes the first part of Some Complicity.
Whereas for Freud the narrative illustrates dreaming's potential for wish-fulfilment, in Vega there is no redemptive recuperation of the lost-object, neither in fantasy nor in fact, the cruelly oxymoronic epigraph from Montale underscored by the stellar imagery of the sequence.
Works included are Giovanni Colacicchi's (1900-92) melancholy The Lighthouse at Monille Point (Southern Twilight) (1935) and three works by Guido Peyron (1898-1960) including Portrait of the Poet Montale (1932; Fig.
The song cycle, Dark Spring, represents a real challenge because it is a musical setting of the most famous work of one of Italy's great poets, Eugenio Montale.
Like a fellow Modernist poet of the coast, Eugenio Montale (with his beloved Liguria), Rabearivelo fixes his poetic gaze at the transitional landscape and the strange fauna that calls it home: